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Quick Password Manager v3.0 is under active development. I spent almost all day on Quick Password Manager v3.0. It will supports following features.

  • Categories (Built-in categories and it is customizable)
  • Types (Built-in types and it is customizable, too)
  • Flexible Item Fields (You can add/modify/remove fields)
  • Icon for Item
  • List – All items in ABC order
  • List – Favorites only
  • List – Most viewed items first
  • List – Recently changed items first
  • Application Lock using PIN
  • Application Lock using general password
  • Application Lock using pattern (as you can see on Android devices)
  • Lock Now for better security
  • Self-Destruct (You can specify max failed attempts)
  • Desktop application for Backup / Restore (Windows, Mac and Linux)


From relentless developer. :-)


Thanks for all the criticism and feedback!

Before applying update, it might be a good idea to backup your data using export function. Tap ‘Export to iTunes’ on Settings screen and your data will be stored as CSV file on your device and you can access it later using iTunes on your desktop. You can also restore it later if there is any issue.

What’s New In Version 2.9

– NEW: Password change history (You can browse password history and go back to old password)
– NEW: Option to hide optional fields on list
– CHANGED: Edit/View screen of Secure Notes
– CHANGED: Display name changed from ‘password’ to ‘Passwords’
– CHANGED: Set focus to Note title when adding new Secure Note
– CHANGED: Return key changed to ‘Next’ when set or change lock password
– CHANGED: Color of note field
– FIXED: Hint now works
– FIXED: Changed to case-insensitive sort
– FIXED: Removed unnecessary ‘/ /’ on password list
– FIXED: Resizing bug of password note edit screen when changing device orientation
– FIXED: Idle-lock now uses recent lock password
– FIXED: When adding new item, Title or ID field was cleared when setting focus to site field
– FIXED: Cannot access Dropbox again if QPM goes idle-lock or app-lock while accessing Dropbox
– FIXED: Support iOS 3.1.2 and 3.1.3 again (1st Generation iPhone, 2nd Generation iPod Touch)

Please rate this app, if you like the new update. It will not take more than a minute. Thanks for your support.

Sincerely yours,

Acknowledgement: (Feedback to version 2.81)

I like to thank Brian Kim, Ed Kennedy, Peter, Traci Richards, Raymond, Richard, Brenda Martin, Jonathan Clausen, Rob and Kathleen Covington, William Chan, Joon Oh, Roy, Ava Kinsey, Sang Kim, Jim Higdon, Frances Rosario, Joe Clark, Jackie, azencot, Liezl Madrona, Gideon Beck, Jeramy Summers, Kay Lera, Niel Sayson, Brad A Gallo, Bill, Suhail Syed, Jack Beth Rainey, Gerald, Cater, Callie Marchell, Dwight Cox, Carole Peterson, Daniel Sanchez, HM Roa, Richard Rosas, norm, Antoinette, Scott Logan, Jack Rainey, Mike Powell, Ryskamp Robert, Dale M. Turner, Joe Ruiz, Kevin G Eason, Evan Mayer, Sarah Husmann, Shannon Atkinson, Malas Motors, Colleen Bath, Steve Partain, Alejandrino Santos III, Joe Sullo, Frank Leloia, Derrick Williams, Howard Nizewitz, AOL geoxgl, Carol Tagariello, Frank, Jerry Nichols, Mary Sadlock, Amy Pearl, Colleen, Andy Tesluk, Matthew Bessom, Patrick, Bronshtein Moshe, SPICIARICH, bdclift, debbie dooley, Wallace Evans Jr., Mike & Becky Voth and all the people who rate this app or left review.

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Acknowledgement: (Feedback to version 2.7 and 2.8)

I like to thank Nick Smith, Bill Merten, Dale M. Turner, Lisa Lally, Hollis Fickett, Alejandrino Santos III, Julia Davayanan, David, Anne Dellow, Richard Berry, Daina, Deborah, John Tierney, Lenny Silver, Eric Moore, Ernest Reed, LUMA, Monika, Dan Tuffs, Chris, Missy Hill, Denver Lionberger, Sharon West, Richard Shaw, Alex Savage, Warren, Bonnie Galvan, Linda Casey, Amy Pearl, Jean-Paul Vredevroort, Ryskamp Robert, Yolanda Mahoney, Debbie Herron, Warren, Roger & Amy Swenson, Kristal Taillon, Lee Emerson, Christian Biancur, Dave Stacy, Brad Conner, riverajr83, George Kostelnik, Fabian, Cheo Rivera, gordoncvoss, Tatiana Goss, 최수정, Robert Saulding, tcamshaft, Frank Allen, Jerry Nichols, Don Mayer, Jeff Hamilton, Toni, Todd Cameron, Brandon, Jennifer, Kim DeSota, Matt Boeke, hamies, tcamshaft, Jose L Rivera, Ken, E.Gardini, Nick Ruppel, Jason Barnett, Joe, Marshall Chernin, Mauricio, wmchanmy, Dan Havlin, zanella, Luke A. Jensen, Francesco Albanese, David Fiorentino, Andy Tesluk, Dre Allen, Dr YoZen, Steve Blake and Lin Barker.