One Touch Dial Pro

Not Working?

When a screen with “One Touch Dial.. 1. Tap the ‘+’ button below” appears, please tap the center button on the bottom bar. It will show up a menu with ‘Add to Home Screen’


Create multiple speed dial icon on your iPhone’s Home screen with a single application. Don’t buy separate applications for every speed dial contact. Pro Version provides 1600+ icons.

– Create speed dial icon on home screen
– Supports International characters
– More than 1600+ icons provided
– Simple steps to create speed dial icon

One Touch Dial does NOT access Internet when you make a call or SMS.

One Touch Dial requires Internet connection to create speed dial contact.

Unlike other speed dial applications, icons made by “One Touch Dial” do not require additional confirm (Call or cancel). So it’s more faster than other applications.

What’s New in Version 1.2


– Searching is now case-insensitive


– Reduced the app size

  1. mac says:

    just bought you app but it sticks on the call/SMS with just 1 touch screen. No icon is created.

    Iphone 4 – latest IOS version. Not jailbroken


  2. Errol says:

    Please could you let me know haw to delete a speed dial from the home page.


  3. jim mercer says:

    ust bought you app but it sticks on the call/SMS with just 1 touch screen. No icon is created. iphone 4

  4. Al says:

    Doesn’t work on iPhone 4. Using wifi. No icons created. You need to fix this.

  5. swissmike says:

    Just loaded app…
    1. One touch dial screen – select contact shows photo – name and phone number – then I press make (if on 3G says URL to long) when on Wifi – links to site – presents One Touch Dial Screen 1. Tap the + button below or 2. Tap (add to home screen) ….. please wait …..
    No subsequent button appears – nothing is selectable for any further action…
    so resent page and screens says “Icon was added to Home Page.. you can close this page”
    Nothing is added to my Home Page.
    This App doesn’t work … please fix in 24 hours or return my money.

    • 14773stones says:

      When you are in the second screen press the third button on the bottom toolbar. Menu will show up. Touch ‘Add to Home Screen’. New screen will show up with icon and title field. Touch ‘Add’ button on the top right corner of screen. Hope this helps.

  6. Benny says:

    I bought this program just now, after reading ” no internet connection is needed to place a call”. However, whenever I dial a browser window pops up for nagging few moments. I demand my money back. Haven’t you ever heard of “truth in advertisement “. I won’t settle for nothing than my money back – there are plenty of other free apps using this exact method to place a call.

    • 14773stones says:

      Dear Customer,

      One Touch Dial Pro does not make any Internet connection. The screen which shows while making phone call is the SCREENSHOT captured by iPhone when home screen icon is made. It’s the web page used to create the home screen icon. After the SCREENSHOT shows, One Touch Dial Pro is executed and place a phone call or sms with the number you chooses before. If you kill Safari and test you will not see the SCREENSHOT. If you want a refund even with this explanation, you can call Apple customer support. I think I should add some explanation about this on the App Store. Thanks.


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