Quick Password Manager


Quick, Simple and Effective Password Manager. This App makes no Internet connection and none of the other applications in iPhone can access your data. If you use different passwords for every sites, this the app for you. Now, supports export/import, too! Criticism and feedback greatly appreciated!

We want to share this app with others who want simple and easy password manager.


– Store Passwords
– Store Secure Notes
– Password Change History
– General App Lock Password
– Password Hint
– Auto Lock / Lock on Exit or Sleep
– Export / Import (iTunes, Dropbox, Email)
– Copy password to Clipboard
– Open Safari from Web Site field
– Powerful Password Generator
– AES / SHA-1 Encryption

Quick Password Manager supports iOS 3.1.2 and 3.1.3. Users of iPod Touch 2nd Generation and old iPhone can use Quick Password Manager.